Published: Fri, July 14, 2017
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Sebastian Gorka Emerges As Trump's Favorite Cable News Attack Dog

Sebastian Gorka Emerges As Trump's Favorite Cable News Attack Dog

Sebastian Gorka, the controversial White House anti-terrorism aide, has become one of Donald Trump's favorite onscreen defenders, according to Axios.

The Trump administration wants to give collaboration and cooperation with Russia a chance, and this is the reason why it is considering to return the Russian diplomatic compounds that were seized by the previous Obama government past year, a presidential aide has said.

Gorka maintained that Trump Jr. had been transparent about the meeting since The New York Times first reported on it over the weekend.

The move would reverse a significant Obama administration rebuke for election meddling.

Under then-President Barack Obama, the United States took several retaliatory steps against Russian Federation over alleged attempts to influence the 2016 election.

By considering a release of the Russian diplomatic compounds that have remained sealed since December, Washington wants to leave the door open for rapprochement with Russia, Gorka told CNN in an interview on Thursday.

"Do we wish to escalate matters with Russian Federation?"

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"The fact is, we may not share the same philosophy, we may not share the same type of statesman view of the world, but the fact is there are some issues of common concern. It is absolutely nothing of the kind", Gorka said.

Russian authorities repeatedly urged the United States to restore access to Russian diplomatic property.

"It's not about you", Gorka retorted.

Lavrov went on to say that Russian Federation was preparing a response to the seizure, considered to be by Moscow a violation of the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations that demands respect for diplomatic immunity.

Turning to the Islamic State's defeat in Mosul by US and coalition forces, Gorka attributed it to Trump's leadership. "So great, I mean really, truly great", the president told White House staffers Wednesday evening.

Trump, he said is a pragmatist.

The Hill's media analyst (and Mediaite alum) Joe Concha was asked to weigh in on Gorka's recent clashes on CNN. "Echoing his boss" criticisms, Gorka called CNN "fake news' while mocking Cooper's ratings; the CNN host said he was using insults to avoid answering questions".

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