Published: Fri, July 14, 2017
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Sleeveless in Speakers' Lobby? House may update dress code

Sleeveless in Speakers' Lobby? House may update dress code

House Speaker Paul Ryan said a strong sanctions bill against Russian Federation would come up for a vote soon, despite procedural delays and claims of partisan clashes on Capitol Hill.

The Senate backed the sanctions legislation by 98-2 on June 15 but it has been stuck in the House of Representatives, amid partisan squabbling between Republicans and Democrats.

"I'm a Russian Federation hawk", Ryan, R-Wis., told reporters.

According to a GOP source who attended the weekly House Republican conference meeting, no one raised the issue of Trump Jr.'s emails or details about the meeting at Trump Tower with the Russian Federation representatives.

Donald Trump Jr. eagerly agreed previous year to meet a woman he believed was a Russian government lawyer who might have damaging information about Democratic White House nominee Hillary Clinton, as part of Moscow's official support for his father, according to emails released on Tuesday.

"What happened with Donald Trump Jr. just underscores how Russia was operating", Cardin said, referring to the disclosure that the president's son met in June 2016 with someone identified as allegedly working with the Russian government having derogatory information on Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US presidential election. The rules were also in place when she led the House.

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If Ryan rejects the compromise, Hoyer said that would tell him that House Republicans "are in a protective mode, not a mode of assuring, as the Senate did, that we have significant oversight".

"Right now, we have a procedural issue", and Republicans are working with Democrats regarding sending the bill back to the Senate, Ryan told reporters at a news conference.

After the overwhelming Senate vote, the bill hit headwinds because of a constitutional requirement cited by the House GOP that legislation involving revenue start in the House.

Congressional aides said sanctions or fines against other countries like those in the bill could be interpreted as affecting USA government revenue. As I pointed out here, several news outlets including Esquire and Newsweek (as well as numerous people on Twitter) compared the dress code to the Handmaid's Tale, a dystopian, feminist novel recently made into a TV series.

The Senate on June 15 voted 98-2 to impose the tough new sanctions on Russian Federation for allegedly meddling in the USA election and other matters. The ban also includes sneakers. Full details on the new changes will be available soon.

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