Published: Sat, July 15, 2017
Sport | By Gary Shelton

Kim Clijsters makes a male fan wear white skirt during Wimbledon 2017

Kim Clijsters makes a male fan wear white skirt during Wimbledon 2017

It was no different for the 34-year-old when she went to the court at the Wimbledon this year for a women's doubles invitational match, along with other tennis greats.

As the man came on to the court and Clijsters prepared to serve, she stopped and ran towards one of the kit bags. Calling from the crowd the man suggested "body line". The four-time grand slam victor gave a memorable moment when Kim invited an enthusiast male spectator on the court to face her "body serve" but not before making him wear the traditional "all whites" Wimbledon outfit including skirt! Taking his suggestion on board, Clijsters invited the fan down to the court so he could play the point.

VETERAN Kim Clijsters inviteed a portly Wimbledon fan on court to face her serve in a tight skirt after he shouted advice to former Grand Slam champ.

Martinez and Jaeger joined in the spirit and got Quinn on court - but there was a hitch, as every player has to wear all white, rather than the green and blue combo he was sporting.


Kim Clijsters winds up for the serve.

Once properly attired it was on to the tennis and the man did not disappoint.

Perhaps a little reluctantly, he accepted and got a whole lot more than he bargained for as Clijsters made sure he fit the part before even hitting a ball.

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