Published: Sat, July 15, 2017
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Louisiana gets money in latest health care bill

Louisiana gets money in latest health care bill

According to reports, Senate Republican leaders released a revised plan on Thursday to replace Obamacare, but once again drew criticism from senators on both sides of the political divide within the Republican party, indicating a treacherous path for the bill. If there's one more "no" vote, the legislation will go down.

Right now, it's all about how senators will vote on the motion to proceed.

$70 billion to states to help stabilize the cost of health care and implement new reforms, bringing the total in this fund to $182. More people now die in the US annually from drug overdoses than from vehicle accidents or gunshot wounds.

On Thursday, Ms. Capito voiced "serious concerns about the Medicaid provisions" in the new draft.

A version of Texas Sen.

Without a single Democrat on board, McConnell can not lose more than two Republican votes to advance the legislation. These states could then receive more Medicaid payments compared to other states. But that would cause premiums to spike for those who are sick and need more comprehensive policies.

An extension of three Affordable Care Act taxes: the 3.8 percent tax on investments on the wealthy; a.9 percent surtax on Medicaid for the wealthy; and a tax on insurance executive's compensation.

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The amendment is being included in the draft bill Thursday, but could be stripped from the bill before a final vote occurs. And for them to lose that, at this point, would be very hurtful for them. If they are still voicing skepticism, it's a bad sign.

Conservatives previously rallied behind a proposal spearheaded by Sens. Sens. Susan Collins of ME and Rand Paul of Kentucky said Thursday they do not support the current legislation. Paul is conservative. Collins is moderate. Over July recess there were more than 75 events to stop healthcare repeal in its tracks and call for a bipartisan solution. (Paul said he will vote "no" and Collins is widely expected to be "no").

Democrats have rallied behind senators such as Illinois Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada, Rob Portman of OH and Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, were weighing the revised bill and in talks with the Senate GOP leaders and home state governors.

The BCRA imposes per-capita caps on Medicaid spending to cut the growth in the entitlement program, however, the caps on Medicaid spending will allow "late expanding Medicaid states" such as Alaska, Montana, and Lousiana to base their caps on looser standards.

"For those stuck with Obamacare insurance they don't want or can't afford, we don't think they should be forced to buy it any longer", Sen. Alas, the Senate's latest healthcare bill rewrite doesn't even have the industry's support, all thanks to nacho-farting gummy bear Ted Cruz. The revised version of the bill keeps those cuts in place. The U.S. House of Representatives passed its own version of the legislation in May.

"The president promised us that everybody was going to get coverage, it would cost less and we'd get better results", said Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat who is chairman of the National Governors Association, which is meeting this week in Providence. "I will be very angry about it and a lot of people will be very upset".

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