Published: Sat, July 15, 2017
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United Kingdom will pay Brexit 'divorce bill', government admits

United Kingdom will pay Brexit 'divorce bill', government admits

The government will have two years after Brexit to bring all of the applicable European Union law into British law, according to the provisions of the Repeal Bill published today by government, with ministers granted special powers to directly change laws.

The bill will also provide temporary powers to correct laws that will not operate appropriately after Brexit.

"The bill proposes sweeping new powers for ministers that are fundamentally undemocratic, unaccountable and unacceptable". Extricating Britain from four decades of membership of the bloc is no small task: the new European Union (Withdrawal) Bill is one of eight Brexit bills the government will introduce.

In an article for his Institute for Global Change, Mr Blair said the option to reverse Brexit must be kept on the table. The Labour leader reportedly assured Barnier of the party's intention to respect the referendum result.

But he added that this would not alter the "risks" of a possible government led by Corbyn. Removing it has, however, given Labour an attractive rallying point for opposition to the Bill and an argument that it is more than the technocratic exercise the government claims.

With the government's working majority standing at just 13 - even with the backing of the DUP - Labour need to win over only seven Tory rebels to inflict defeat.

"Without significant improvement in all these areas, we will vote against it (the text)", said the head Brexit Labour, Keir Starmer, in a press release.

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LONDON - Theresa May's Repeal Bill, created to withdraw Britain from all European Union law, could be defeated after Labour said they would vote against it unless the prime minister agreed to a series of changes. If the Scottish and Welsh administrations refuse to sign any legislative consent motions relating to Brexit, May's Conservative government can simply ignore it and push ahead anyway.

Guarantees that workers' rights in Britain do not fall behind those in the EU.

"We can not remain idle as the clock is ticking".

And, the government has promised to produce a "comprehensive" 25 Year Environment Plan, which will set out how it plans to "improve our environment as we leave the European Union and take control of our environmental legislation again".

It wanted Britain to quit the nuclear treaty, but to continue working with Euratom members to ensure a "smooth transition" to a new United Kingdom regime, with "no interruption in safeguard arrangements", it said on Thursday (13 July).

London and Brussels disagree on whether the European Court of Justice will continue to have jurisdiction in Britain after Brexit. "Instead, it is a naked power grab, an attack on the founding principles of devolution and could destabilise our economies".

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