Published: Sun, July 16, 2017
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China and North Korea are Trade Partners

China and North Korea are Trade Partners

It added that the latest test further demonstrates the capabilities of the THAAD system to destroy incoming ballistic missiles.

The liberal Moon came to power in May winning a snap election called after the removal of his predecessor, Park Geun-hye, whose conservative government implemented a hardline policy against the North.

According to Business Insider, the USA military and intelligence personnel watched Kim Jong Un stroll around the launch pad of the Hwasong-14 intercontinental ballistic missile the nation tested July 4.

While China has been angered by North Korea's repeated nuclear and missile tests, it also blames the United States and South Korea for worsening tension with their military exercises and not doing enough to get talks back on track, as Beijing has proposed. Since the end of the Korean War in 1953, we have maintained a military presence in South Korea and have considered South Korea as a strong ally in the region. That still doesn't directly deal with the threat that Moscow and Beijing feel is being posed by THAAD, though it could create the conditions for Seoul's new pragmatic president to argue that the installations are no longer needed.

"I think we recognize there is more that must be done".

Haneul Na'avi, contributing writer on political economy and geopolitics for The Duran, and Edwin Chen, Activist focusing on the Asian Holocaust of World War II commented on the issue.

More than 5,000 Chinese companies regularly work with the North Korea every year, and China accounts for nearly 85 percent of North Korea's trade, Newsweek reported Thursday. On top of that, workers are forced to hand over large portions of their pay to the North Korean regime.

DIG Roopa report 2: Why no action, boss?
Roopa also wrote that some officials spoke to the media and made allegations against her but no action was taken against them. VK Sasikala is serving a four-year jail term after being convicted in the Disproportionate Assets (DA) case.

"(The legislation makes) the choice is clear for these facilitators: "continue business with North Korea and lose access to the USA financial system or comply with United Nations and US sanctions against North Korea", Anthony Ruggiero, Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told NK News.

From his perch on the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, U.S. Sen. The Trump administration isn't taking military options off the table.

Additionally, Congress took united action against those who fund Kim Jong-un's totalitarian regime a year ago.

These actions from Congress have had limited success in subduing North Korea.

But just how much influence does China have on North Korea?

Multiple sources at the China-North Korea border said North Koreans in China and North Korea have been "hit" by sanctions. And it would provide incentive for South Korea to take greater responsibility for its own security rather than continuing to depend on the United States.

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