Published: Sun, July 16, 2017
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Fareed Zakaria: Trump's unwavering love for Putin

Fareed Zakaria: Trump's unwavering love for Putin

It said Veselnitskaya was given a special non-immigrant work visa around the time she met President Donald Trump's eldest son Donald Trump NY last summer, reports the Hill.

The story that will not die - Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer with its promised dirt on Hillary Clinton - acquired another key player yesterday.

Several congressional panels and federal investigators are looking into claims that Russian Federation meddled in last year's United States election in a bid to help Donald Trump.

Grassley's committee is one of several congressional panels investigating the Trump campaign's links with Russian Federation, while Special Counsel Robert Mueller, a former Federal Bureau of Investigation director, is heading a criminal probe into the election interference and whether the president obstructed justice by firing another Federal Bureau of Investigation director, James Comey, while he was heading the Russian Federation probe before Mueller took over.

Mr Akhmetshin told the Washington Post he only accompanied Ms Veselnitskaya to the Trump Tower meeting on the spur of the moment after meeting her for lunch.

In his initial public comment about the meeting, Akhmetshin said that Veselnitskaya followed him to the Trump Tower in NY where they both met with the interpreter.

Akhmetshin himself later confirmed that he was indeed at the meeting. They say it's best to leave it to outside counsel to handle the furor around Trump Jr., and fear inviting further legal jeopardy if Trump aides and allies more forcefully defend a meeting that they don't fully know the details of, according to the sources.

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Kushner, now a presidential adviser, initially failed to disclose during security clearance screening that he, too, was in that meeting. He said he believes Kushner's clearance should be reviewed, and "if he was not perfectly candid", the clearance should be revoked.

He has quite a diverse group of clients", the person said, adding: "I know he was engaged by people who wanted to get rid of Magnitsky [Act].

Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, a strong supporter of Vladimir Putin and Russian Federation, is the lawmaker House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy last summer "joked" is on Putin's payroll.

Photo Rinat Akhmetshin, center, on a training exercise in Russian Federation while he was in the Soviet Army service in the 1980s. He has denied that, saying he served in the Soviet Army from 1986 to 1988 after he was drafted but was not trained in spy tradecraft.

Photo Rinat Akhmetshin at a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing in June 2016.

"Just because I was born in Russian Federation doesn't mean I am an agent of [the] Kremlin", he told Politico recently. He said he didn't believe he needed to file. That issue, which is also related to a ban on American adoptions of Russian children, is what Veselnitskaya told NBC News she discussed with the Trump team.

Brad Parscale said in a statement that he is "unaware of any Russian involvement" in the data and digital operations but will voluntarily appear before the panel.

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