Published: Sun, July 16, 2017
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OR woman arrested for towing kids in little red wagon

OR woman arrested for towing kids in little red wagon

According to Springfield Police Department, Donohue attached a the plastic wagon to the rear of her auto with a tie-down rope and drove to a roundabout circle, where she made laps around the roundabout until citizens stepped in.

A United States woman was arrested for endangering her two children by towing them in a wagon behind her auto.

One driver reported almost hit the wagon, according to a police report.

According to The Oregonian, there were allegedly three children in the wagon - Donahue's 2-year-old daughter, 4-year-old son and 8-year-old nephew.

According to Lt. Scott McKee, the mother-of-two said to police that she 'didn't understand what the problem was because she was only driving 5 miles per hour and she just wanted to show the kids a good time'.

She eventually relented and placed the wagon inside the Taurus and is said to have told one driver to "be an adult about it", according to the police report.

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They also say the children and the wagon were nearly hit when the vehicle pulled into a nearby store.

According to The Oregonian, Donahue then stopped and placed the 2-year-old in the vehicle, but continued to drive with the other children in the wagon.

According to McKee, Donahue was not intoxicated. Several sent photos and videos to the police.

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Police say Donahue was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time and are charging her with three counts of reckless endangerment, according to The Oregonian.

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