Published: Mon, July 17, 2017
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

$1 million worth of marijuana found stashed inside new Ford Fusions

$1 million worth of marijuana found stashed inside new Ford Fusions

Alternately, I suppose if you're looking to get really high in a state where weed isn't legal, check out the new 2017 Ford Fusion!

The sheriff said investigators, with the assistance of Ford Motor Company, were able to determine the cars were manufactured in Mexico and entered the USA crossing the Mexican border into Arizona, making their way to Northeast Ohio. Officials are looking into who put the drugs in the vehicle, and who failed to pick up the drugs. "Generally speaking, they could take it off anywhere else along the way".

Pot was packed into half-circle shapes that fit nicely into the car's spare wheel well, with each wheel weighing 14.5 kilos, or just shy of 32 pounds.

In March, police in Dilworth, Minn., discovered seven Ford Fusions with similarly packaged quantities of marijuana.

Each wheel found inside the Fusions weighed 14.5 kilos, and this recent discovery yielded a total of 15 cars loaded with the odd spares in OH alone.

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This isn't the first time this has happened, either. Similar seizures were made earlier this year in Minnesota and Arizona.

Local law enforcement, along with the Drug Enforcement Administration and customs officials want to find out how they had access, and who let it slip through the cracks. Those cars were transported in sealed BNSF Railway cars.

Both Ford and the train shipping company CSX, which transported the vehicles to the US, say that they're taking the matter very seriously.

A CSX spokesperson told CNN that the rail company is "providing all the support we can to the agencies who are investigating this serious crime and will continue to do so".

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