Published: Mon, July 17, 2017
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Baby Trudeau meets Canada's prime minister

Baby Trudeau meets Canada's prime minister

The couple is the second Syrian family to name their son after Trudeau.

The Bilals are not the only family to name their baby after Justin Trudeau, a number of Syrian refugee families across the country have also named their newborns after the prime minister. Pictures have been shared by Trudeau's official photographer Adam Scotti on Twitter showing Justin Trudeau Adam Bilal sleeping comfortably in the arms of his namesake, NDTV said.

Yes, this adorable, squishy-faced little baby was named after the Canadian prime minister.

The Big Trudeau was in Calgary on Saturday, where the Little Justin-Trudeau's parents, Afraa Hajj Hammoud and Mohammed Bilal, now live.

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Mini Trudeau was born in Calgary - a city near the Canadian Rockies which is home to around 1,000 Syrian refugees - in May of this year. "I can't believe that I met the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau", his mother told CBC News after the emotional meeting.

"My husband says 'How about if we name the boy Justin-Trudeau, like him, '" she said. More than 40,00 refugees have settled in Canada since then, The Guardian report said.

While Donald Trump has banned travel to the USA from several Muslim countries, Justin Trudeau has welcomed over 40,000 Syrian refugees to Canada, and around 1,000 settled in the Alberta city of Calgary.

Ms Hammoud told CBC, in Syria, boys are usually named after their fathers or grandfathers.

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