Published: Mon, July 17, 2017
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China's trade with North Korea rises 10%

China's trade with North Korea rises 10%

"After North Korea's frequent missile tests including its very first ICBM test, the worldwide community has vowed to tighten sanctions and China simply can not exclude itself from the recent movement, although it probably does not want to indefinitely cut off fuel sales to the North", Kang said. Chinese President Xi Jinping recently told the Russian media that relationships between the two countries are now the "best time in history", and that China and Russia are one another's "most trustworthy strategic partners".

The missile launch has stoked worldwide security fears.

"Trade between China and North Korea grew nearly 40 percent in the first quarter". North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said he would never negotiate his weapons programs unless the USA abandons its hostile policy toward his country. U.S. President Donald Trump meanwhile has upped pressure on Beijing and Pyongyang, threatening some "pretty severe things" in response to the Kim regime's missile tests. On May 25, Putin offered to send an emissary to Pyongyang to ascertain North Korea's intentions, and relay North Korea's conditions for diplomacy back to Seoul.

Speaking after the meeting, however, U.K. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said there were "some tough words" in Monday's discussions on North Korea, with London among those making clear this wasn't the time for diplomatic outreach. The United States and South Korea have always done them as part of an alliance that's in US law. The move came as part of the global pressure on Pyongyang to curb its nuclear and missile programs. As U.S. Naval War College expert Lyle Goldstein recently noted, Chinese policymakers believe that a Russian Pacific fleet deployment in the Sea of Japan will counter American and Japanese military maneuvers, benefiting China's regional military strategy. A prolonged cut by China would threaten critical supplies of gasoline and diesel and force North Korea to find alternatives sources of refined fuel products. North Korea would fire on all cylinders, utilizing 100% of their capabilities, regardless of how limited or measured the United States' actions may be.

Thanks to Pyongyang's nuclear weapons, not to mention its many conventional weapons already within range of Seoul, Russia thinks that Trump's threats of a USA military strike on North Korea are as risky as anything that comes from North Korea.

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Indeed, in Russia's view, the United States deserves at least as much blame for tensions on the Korean Peninsula as Pyongyang does.

Russian Federation also has a role to play, according to Greitens.

Frustrated with China's unwillingness and inability to pressure Pyongyang to change course, Washington is casting about for other options. Why, Russian analysts ask, do Americans think that tighter economic sanctions will convince Pyongyang to give up its nuclear program, the only ironclad defense it has against a USA strike?

But customs administration spokesman Huang Songping said Beijing was upholding the United Nations sanctions against the regime of Kim Jong-Un.

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