Published: Mon, July 17, 2017
Sport | By Gary Shelton

Demetrious Johnson Picks Conor McGregor to Beat Floyd Mayweather

Demetrious Johnson Picks Conor McGregor to Beat Floyd Mayweather

AFTER their worldwide four-city press tour, Floyd Mayweather insists he still does not know much about Conor McGregor and has attempted to explain why he is such a huge pay-per-view draw.

Mayweather will put his flawless 49-0 boxing record on the line against UFC star McGregor in Las Vegas on August 26.

"I'm going to change the face of the game the same way I have for Mixed Martial Arts", he boasted.

Things didn't slow down in Toronto with Mayweather draping his shoulders in the Irish flag while bodyguards on both sides clashed in NY.

McGregor, free of some of the rules in boxing, could go right at him.

DeLand sky diver sent wife video foretelling suicidal plunge
In 2016, United States Parachute Association recorded 21 fatal skydiving accidents in the USA out of roughly 3.2 million jumps. The general manager of the facility, Mike Johnston, said that Zitellini arrived just 'moments too late'.

Prior to a fight against Jose Aldo, McGregor said, "I own Rio de Janeiro". There's a brilliant piece by Pete Carroll about another UFC guy, Neil Seery, a Dublin lad.and you read that piece and you actually understand a bit about the world that shaped McGregor and where he's come from. Him making the switch over to boxing, it does make it interesting. I don't have to watch your tapes. "I understand when to go and when not to".

Then, Mayweather started shadowboxing, which made McGregor laugh. A standard fighter would let the crowd get to them, Floyd appears to thrive off their energy, even when it is negative.

He added to McGregor, "You say something else, I'll whoop your ass in the octagon". "It takes the sport out of it and turns it into a circus", he continued. I'll tell you what: he ain't gonna make a big check like that in the UFC. "I hope not, but I think they did". The world cares about this fight.

Meanwhile Mayweather sparked a homophobic storm as he called McGregor a "f****t" while accusing the UFC star of calling black people "dancing monkeys".

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