Published: Mon, July 17, 2017
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

HTC users complain about seeing ads in keyboard

HTC users complain about seeing ads in keyboard

Find a topic you're passionate about, and jump right in. Judging by HTC's response to the whole matter, it seems that the ads were added to TouchPal without HTC's approval.

Some HTC 10 and U11 users with the default TouchPal keyboard installed on their devices started noticing banner ads floating just above their keyboards. However, HTC has since responded to the public and says this was done out of error and shouldn't have happened. If you are still seeing the adverts on the default keyboard on the HTC 10, it is recommended to install Gboard.

That said, HTC is not without fault here.

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Over the weekend, an update to the TouchPal Keyboard for HTC flipped the switch on advertisements within the keyboard.

Both companies are to be blamed in this case. And HTC's response has only managed to rile up users even further. Ads will be removed "as quickly as possible", while in the meantime, folks on Twitter are being told to locate the TouchPal app in the Settings menu and uninstall its updates. On the one hand that is an easy thing to do.

That HTC is not in direct control of the keyboard it offers as the default input method for its customers is perhaps a little unusual, and it means that the company is not able to offer an immediate solution to the problem. However, ads on a keyboard, let alone a default keyboard app for one of the "flagship" smartphones is truly unacceptable. Tap on that and accept the warnings. Users aren't pleased by the sudden change which alters their overall experience. Not to mention the potential privacy issues such ads might raise. Perhaps it was an error on HTC's part or maybe the company simply failed to anticipate the heated backlash. That is the differentiating factor that infuriated many HTC device owners and sideline commenters. The next step is to dole out a timely update to remove the ads.

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