Published: Mon, July 17, 2017
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Only one city in China is getting to mourn Liu Xiaobo

Only one city in China is getting to mourn Liu Xiaobo

The government held two briefings Saturday and provided photos of the funeral and the sea burial, the latest moves in a propaganda campaign seemingly aimed at countering criticism that Beijing has failed to handle Liu's deterioration and dying wishes in a humanitarian way. It also removes the need for a land-based grave at which his supporters would have been able to pay their respects.

A source close to the dissident said Liu Xia is fighting for the possession of her husband's items in the prison.

The government also said some of Liu's friends attended the ceremony, a claim that was disputed by people who have always been close to Liu.

What little mourning has taken place on the mainland has been in code-such as by referencing the "I have no enemies" statement he prepared for his trial, or writing in traditional Chinese characters-until China's censors decipher and take away those messages, too.

"This regime has always been acting without humanity - that's why they denied him even a minute of freedom even until his death", Mo said.

"There is no higher priority than getting Liu Xia out".

"The way the funeral was controlled by the Communist Party, it's very sad to say that Liu Xiaobo can not be free even in death". Prior to the cremation, a simple ceremony was held with the attendance of Liu's wife Liu Xia and his friends. Even in Liu's death, its disdain for him has been unsparing-answering questions regarding his death, the state observed, "Liu is a prisoner who was sentenced to imprisonment in accordance with Chinese law..."

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Speaking at the news conference, Mr Liu's older brother, Liu Xiaoguang, thanked the ruling Communist Party for its "humanistic care" and said the government had followed the family's wishes.

A government official in Shenyang, where Mr Liu had been jailed, told a news conference: "According to my understanding, Liu Xia is now free", adding that as a Chinese citizen, her rights would be protected under the law.

Zhang did not reveal Liu Xia's whereabouts. Conferring the (Nobel Peace) prize to such a person goes against the purposes of this award.

He is the first Nobel Peace laureate to die in state custody since Carl von Ossietzky, the German pacifist who won the prize in 1935 and died under guard in 1938.

Liu was imprisoned multiple times throughout his life. "Deification of Liu by the West will be eventually overshadowed by China's denial of him". The veteran of the 1989 Tiananmen Square pro-democracy protests was sentenced to 11 years in prison for "subversion" a year later.

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