Published: Mon, July 17, 2017
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

Scrap metal crashes onto van, but driver not badly hurt

Scrap metal crashes onto van, but driver not badly hurt

A Florida man is thanking his lucky stars after he somehow survived his vehicle being crushed by a heavy industrial pipe that fell off a truck Saturday morning.

A trucker carrying scrap metal lost control, sending pieces of debris flying on to the road below.

Jesus Armando Escobar, a man of 36 years old, was about to take an exit from the interstate 4, in Florida, when a large metal pipe crashed on the roof of his auto.

That pipe, several feet long, fell onto the minivan on the ramp below, smashing the windshield, roof, driver's door, and passenger door behind Escobar.

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The truck hit the guardrail and overturned, the Florida Highway Patrol says.

"If he had been sitting in any other seat, he would have likely been killed", officials told the local TV station. "I thought it was a fatality, to be honest with you".

The family believes Jesus was with Escobar during the accident. "It is miraculous he didn't get more than a scratch on his face".

The truck driver was charged with careless driving, according to the FHP release.

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