Published: Mon, July 17, 2017
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Speeding driver goes airborne, lands SUV on house roof, officials say

Speeding driver goes airborne, lands SUV on house roof, officials say

An SUV caught some air and landed on the roof of a St. Louis home Sunday afternoon.

The driver of a vehicle that crashed through the roof of a St. Louis house Sunday is in critical condition, according to the St. Louis Fire Department. It flew quite a distance too, meaning the driver must have been going very fast. His condition wasn't known, but fire officials say he was in and out of consciousness after the crash.

It is unknown what the extent of his injuries are.

A driver is in critical condition in the hospital after firefighters in St. Louis say he launched his auto off a hill before landing and crashing into the roof of a home.

A vehicle came crashing through the roof of a North St. Louis home, and the homeowner and neighbors said it's not the first time a auto has come barreling onto their property.

Redding was at the gym when his friends called to tell him what had happened.

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"The homeowner returned home from the gym to discover the incident".

"I had a auto smash, turn my railing off", Jones said.

'I'll just gather my thoughts. "I had another auto smash into the side of the house, park right in between our houses".

"I was shaking", Redding said about seeing the vehicle trapped on his roof.

Deputy Chief of Special Operations Michael Arras said it appears the SUV was travelling at a high rate of speed when it struck the ramped lawn in front of the home.

Authorities arrived at the house about 12:40 find the SUV on the roof and the driver trapped in the SUV. "Something that you work for, something that you put a lot of work into, it can be gone in a second".

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