Published: Mon, July 17, 2017
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

Track fire disrupts A, B, C, D subway service

Track fire disrupts A, B, C, D subway service

B and C trains were suspended when an hours-long track fire erupted near West 145th Street on Monday morning, disrupting service along the A and D lines as well, officials said. If you commute on the A, B, C, D or 4 train you're probably either trembling with relief at your desk or reading this evergreen blog post from your underground purgatory.

Nine people were left with minor injuries after the fire, however there were no serious ones reported.

The fire started around 7:30am in Harlem.

One woman was was temporarily trapped on the D train wrote: 'We're stuck on a s/b D train near at the 145th stop vehicle # 2536.

Riders should check the MTA's website for service updates.

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For service to/from the Bronx customers are advised to use 125 St cross town bus to 125 St and Lexington Av, then transfer for the northbound train service making nearby station stops.

There is no train service between 125 St and Inwood-207 St in both directions.

There were also huge delays in a similar area of Harlem last month after a train derailed at 125th Street station.

"Literally a thousand people waiting at 1 train, and train just drove straight through - we are all gonna be late for work", she tweeted a short time later.

It's among a series of challenges that transit users have been facing while getting to, from and around New York City.

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