Published: Mon, July 17, 2017
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

UAE FM warns Qatar is 'undermining' GCC allies

UAE FM warns Qatar is 'undermining' GCC allies

"And now the results are out in public and they confirm that hacking has taken place and the quotes that precipitated this crisis by the emir of Qatar were fabricated and resulting from this hacking".

Abu Dhabi is said to have orchestrated the hack to post inflammatory quotes falsely attributed to Qatar's Emir, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad al-Thani, the Washington Post reports.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was previously known to be working with Qatar to probe the hacking.

United States officials cited by the Washington Post said that, on May 23, officials identified as senior members of the "UAE government held a discussion about the hacking and its implementation".

The officials told the Post they do not know whether the UAE had a direct hand in the hacks or whether they hired outside help.

This new report signals an apparent change of tune by the U.S. media, as its earlier reports in June claimed that "Russian hackers" were allegedly to blame for the hack.

France urges for continuing Israel-Palestine peace talks
At a ceremony attended by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu , Mr Macron also pledged to fight continued anti-Semitism . The radical Islam that Iran and ISIS (Daesh) represent seeks to destroy us and destroy Europe.

Doha stated that hackers posted fake news but Arab countries rejected this explanation accusing Qatar of supporting terrorism and extremism.

This is a developing story; keep an eye on this space for latest news.

The Washington Post gave no further details of how American intelligence had reached its conclusion, but it has previously been alleged that some of the boycotting states could be behind a hack of the official Qatar news agency. Qatar strongly denies the allegations.

The diplomatic crisis caused by the cyberattack has reportedly brought to the fore a long-drawn out feud between the Gulf monarchies, which last erupted when the UAE and Bahrain accused Qatar of providing a safe haven to their political dissidents and funding terrorists. Staunchly defending its innocence against the allegations from the onset of the crisis, Qatar claimed the demands were deliberately created to be impossible for it to meet and rejected them, causing the current stalemate in negotiations.

Trump met with the six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) leaders days before the crisis broke out and even discussed countering Iran with a NATO-like regional force.

"We need a regional solution and worldwide monitoring", said Mr Gargash in prepared remarks he was set to deliver in London on Monday.

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