Published: Tue, July 18, 2017
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Four MORE years of Merkel: German chancellor says she's going nowhere

Four MORE years of Merkel: German chancellor says she's going nowhere

German Chancellor Angela Merkel told voters on Saturday that Britain's decision to leave the European Union and France's election of President Emmanuel Macron had changed her view on the bloc, adding it was worth fighting for a stronger Europe.

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Chancellor Angela Merkel's main domestic challenger, Martin Schulz, joined worldwide criticism of Germany's budget surplus as he sought to gain an opening 10 weeks out from federal elections.

BERLIN (AP) - Chancellor Angela Merkel's challenger in Germany's national election called Sunday for the government to be obliged to invest a set amount in infrastructure such as roads, railways and schools.

Chancellor Angela Merkel's Bavarian ally has renewed calls for a cap on the number of refugees Germany accepts, but has avoided making it a condition for joining her in government again after this fall's election.

"I will not accept it", she said.

Merkel could be gone in September if Schulz emulates Corbyn
Merkel Ally Asks For Refugee Limit But Avoids Ultimatum

"We organized this together with the mayor, a social democrat, of the port city, Olaf Scholz, who has been an avalanche of criticism following the incident, including the part of the local branch of the conservative party of chancellor merkel, the CDU".

Asked if she could guarantee that she would serve a full four years, Merkel replied that she had made clear she plans to do so and has "the firm intention to do exactly what I told people".

Hours before Merkel's interview, Schulz unveiled a campaign plan that would include "much higher" infrastructure investment. While the French leader lauded Germany for undertaking labor-market reforms in a newspaper interview earlier the same day, he signaled Germany's competitive strength also derived from imbalances in the euro area that had helped weaken other member states. "I'm certain that Germany can do more".

Merkel said the riots were absolutely unacceptable but it was still right to have invited G20 leaders to Hamburg.

Merkel has said she is open to proposals of strengthening the single currency through the creation of a euro zone finance minister who would oversee a pooled budget for investments and transfers meant to help member states cushion downturns.

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