Published: Tue, July 18, 2017
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Incredible video shows dog rescuing drowning fawn

Incredible video shows dog rescuing drowning fawn

A dog in Port Jefferson, New York, jumped into rushing waters to save the life of a fawn.

A few minutes into the walk, Storm saw an object in the harbor and sprang into action, swimming to investigate.

Unbelievable video shows a dog saving a baby deer who was struggling to swim ashore.

As Freeley recorded, he watched as Storm went over to the fawn, grabbed it with his mouth, and delivered it safely to shore. "He had swam over his head", the rescue group said on Facebook, "tucked the deer under his arm, looped a dog lead over her head and slowly swam back to shore".

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Freeley immediately called the experts to check on the fawn. That began rescue round two.

The deer appeared to be breathing, so Storm and his owner stayed with it until a veterinarian and a representative from Strong Island Animal Rescue showed up, WTVT reports.

He credited the hard part to his partner Erica Kutzing. "I was exhausted at the point my knee blew out, and I collapsed on the beach", he said. The deer is now being treated and is expected to make a full recovery from the incident.

The fawn is rescued at an area animal rescue until it can get back on its feet.

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