Published: Mon, July 24, 2017
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Jeff Sessions had a totally bad week

Jeff Sessions had a totally bad week

Wheeler's bio: Wheeler, now a principal at firm Faegre Baker Daniels Consulting, is a top lobbyist for Murray Energy, the coal mining company whose CEO, Bob Murray, is close with President Trump.

As Attorney General, Sessions recused himself in March from matters connected to an investigation by the FBI following his admission he had talked to the Russian envoy. What Trump told the Times, in short, was: Had I known what I know now, I would have never have given Sessions the AG job.

Let us review the facts and the law.

Perhaps he forgot that Mr. Wray told senators during his confirmation hearing that he would not hesitate to prosecute the Trump Organization for foreign-corruption crimes if the evidence pointed that way. When people started asking questions, Sessions chose to duck them by "recusing" himself from the investigation.

The news network updated the story after the Times asked for a public apology, following Trump's tweet. What Trump perceives as betrayal is Ethics 101.

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Last month, numerous outlets reported that the White House raced to ease sanctions on Russian Federation in the days immediately following Trump's inauguration. "The president himself is used to shooting from the hip and doesn't know that there's some things that he's better off not getting involved in".

"He found that the statute required him to appoint a special counsel and he did that". How could this not be true of the Russian Federation matter? And Trump himself said that he would be giving a speech on Hillary's transgressions in the near future when his son was meeting with the Russians. In the interview, Trump claimed it would be a "violation" for Mueller to look into his family's finances as part of the investigation into his associates' potential contacts with Russians and left open the possibility of trying to fire Mueller. What does the president imagine would happen if, as he seems to hope, Sessions goes and, along with him, Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein? A special counsel appointed by Rosenstein is now examining the matter. At least a few Republican senators ought to be willing to make their support for a Sessions replacement contingent on similar backup for Mueller - who remains Trump's chief problem, and for that reason perhaps his ultimate target.

"We love this job", Sessions, seemingly unbowed by Trump's smackdown, said.

Third, while I have zero doubt that Mueller is beyond reproach, and that his hiring decisions are entirely on the merits, I am a little more anxious than Ben about the Democratic tilt of Mueller's staff thus far. "Watch Trump allies continue to leak against him to justify his firing so Trump can then fire Mueller".

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