Published: Tue, August 08, 2017
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Google Fired Employee Who Wrote Deranged Anti-Diversity Memo

Google Fired Employee Who Wrote Deranged Anti-Diversity Memo

Neuroticism (higher anxiety, lower stress tolerance). Others, including fellow Googlers, according to the author, defended his remarks, leaving Google's human resources shop between a rock and a hard place regarding how to respond.

Damore said in an email to Bloomberg that he was sacked for "perpetuating gender stereotypes".

"It is official", the source said. In the end, Google did what had to be done from a competent HR perspective.

But if someone's opinions are that women - 50% of the world's population, by the way, despite what photos in the business papers might make you think - are just biologically less able, they are going to be interacting with women on that premise. All. The.

Although the writer claims many "Googlers" wrote to him expressing their gratitude after reading the memo, Google's diversity head Danielle Brown was quick to criticize the writing and indicate that it in no way reflected the company's position.

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In his so-called manifesto, titled Google's Ideological Echo Chamber, Damore wrote that women are underrepresented in the technology industry not due to discrimination and bias, but because of biological differences. "That is stereotyping, and it is harmful". Breitbart, meanwhile, reports that left-leaning Google managers effectively blacklist colleagues who don't share their views. "It is contrary to our basic values and our Code of Conduct", he said.

The Google CEO also said that there are employees who are questioning whether they can safely express their opinions, especially ones that might fall into a minority. "If they choose not to take measure against someone who has gone out of their way to make a large percentage of their coworkers feel excluded, then their inaction will speak much more loudly than their words have". In the blog post, Zunger said that based on the context of the memo, he determined that he would "not in good conscience" assign any employees to work with its author.

In her initial response to the memo, Brown, who joined from Intel June, suggested that Google was open to all hosting "difficult political views", including those in the memo. He added: "I certainly couldn't assign any women to deal with this, a good number of the people you might have to work with may simply punch you in the face, and even if there were a group of like-minded individuals I could put you with, nobody would be able to collaborate with them".

Critics reacted angrily to its argument that the lack of women in tech companies was down to genetic factors, saying it was evidence of Silicon Valley's hostility to women and minorities.

The essay by the male engineer began to circulate within the company last week.

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