Published: Tue, August 08, 2017
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Metroid-Themed New 3DS XL Unveiled

Metroid-Themed New 3DS XL Unveiled

Nintendo has announced that Metroid Samus Returns on 3DS will be getting the special New 3DS treatment, via a new limited edition Metroid-themed unit. Samus Returns will be a "reimagining" of Metroid II: Return of Samus with completely new visuals and music, while iterating on the classic Metroid gameplay and feel for a new audience on 3DS. But, as you can see from the attached gallery for the system, there are even more details on the back, as you've got a gold design, similar to that of Samus' armor, along with her trademark emblem, which has been featured in games like Super Smash Bros. Other than the new paint job, this New 3DS XL is built to the same standards as the base model.

Today the floodgates opened up for Metroid: Samus Returns press coverage, with sites across the internet delving deep into SR-388.

Samus Returns also hits on September 15.

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Are any of you Samus fans going to be upgrading to this limited edition 3DS? There's no word on when pre-orders will open up, but considering that the system is official now, it wouldn't hurt to check in with your local retailer to see if they say anything.

However, Fusion Mode, which grants players access to Samus' fusion suit and and a "more challenging difficulty in the game", will be locked behind the purchase of one of Nintendo's often hard-to-find little plastic toys.

Nintendo has announced livestreams for two of its biggest upcoming titles during Gamescom.

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