Published: Tue, August 08, 2017
Sport | By Gary Shelton

Spike Lee Joins Kaepernick's Stand Against 'Injustices In The USA'

Spike Lee Joins Kaepernick's Stand Against 'Injustices In The USA'

Lee announced on Twitter on Wednesday, Aug. 8 that there will be a rally in front of the NFL headquarters in NY to call out the league's inability to sign the 29-year-old quarterback.

Organizations behind the August 23 rally include The People's Consortium for Human and Civil Rights, Inc. and Justice League NYC.

Why now? Well, that's easy. "Even if it cost them they money, they job, they life?" This makes me question why Lee and company would hold the rally at NFL HQ. Perhaps some team will wait until there's actual football to use as a distraction.

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Kaepernick drew the ire of many NFL fans when he first sat and then took a knee during the national anthem of league games last season as a protest for alleged police brutality against African-Americans. Tuesday, they reacted to the news. Spike Lee is one of those people, and he has chose to take action. A rally called "United We Stand" wants to change that. Some are anxious that the silent protest he unveiled a year ago will be a distraction to a community and organization already rife with issues. I don't think it will at all really. Based on a number of conversations with people across the league and others close to Kaepernick, however, I can tell you that no team has discussed money with Kaepernick.

Nitpickers will point out that Lee misspelled Kaepernick's name on his tweet. Nonetheless, he's not playing there and they're paying Jay Cutler $10M a year. Second, I know they need time to get out the word and plan this, but a rally two weeks before the season opener may be a little late if their objective is to support Kaepernick and for him to be signed to a team. That game was at home against Green Bay, the third preseason game.

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