Published: Tue, August 08, 2017
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

UFO 50 Announced by the Developers of Spelunky and Downwell

UFO 50 Announced by the Developers of Spelunky and Downwell

UFO 50's first trailer and screenshots show some of its 50 games.

UFO 50's creators are known for some rather awesome games. Some prolific independent developers are lending their design experience to the collection, including Ojiro Fumoto (Downwell), Jon Perry (Time Barons), Paul Hubans (Madhouse) and more. UFO 50 is a new game just announced today that's aiming to recreate the feel of those collections, although if all goes as planned it will pass on the wild quality variation.

A new game collection has been announced.

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It's radically different to what you might have expected after all this time, but if Spelunky was any indication it's that Yu really understands what makes games and their formulas captivating. You can expect classic 2D RPGs, shoot-em and beat-em ups, platformers, puzzlers, adventures and more. However, players are told to rest assured as these will not be minigames or microgames. Putting that into context, it also says that "Completing the entire collection could easily take over a hundred hours". That's a lot of talent in one package, and with fifty nearly-full-sized NES-style games to create there's plenty of room for it to shine. These games were all created in the 1980s by this fictional, obscure, and "ahead of its time" company.

Each of the 50 games will have a single-player mode, the developers say, and about 30-percent of them will also feature multiplayer modes of either the competitive or cooperative variety. All of the games will be connected "by a unique" 32-color palette. More news on other platforms will follow the release of the initial release of the title on PC.

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