Published: Wed, August 09, 2017
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Guam residents fear attack after N.Korean threat

Guam residents fear attack after N.Korean threat

Guam's Democratic representative to Congress said Tuesday that North Korea's warning it might strike the U.S. Pacific territory missiles was being taken "very seriously" because "we've been living with this for the last few years".

Though local officials downplayed any threat, people who live and work on the island, which serves as a launching pad for the USA military, said Wednesday they could no longer shrug off the idea of being a potential target.

They then performed a pass over the Pilsung Range before leaving South Korean airspace and returning to Guam.

Bus driver Cecil Chugrad said he was a little panicked because he was anxious about his son.

"I would form a political area treaty organization, similar to NATO", he told Claman.

North Korea says it has mastered a crucial technology needed to strike the United States with a nuclear missile. Still, analysts believe North Korea does have several missiles in its arsenal capable of reaching the Pacific island, which Pyongyang has regularly threatened because of its USA military bases.

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Analysts say the Pukguksong-2 advances North Korea's weapons capabilities because missiles using solid propellants can be fired faster and more secretly than those using liquid fuel, which must be fueled before launch and transported to a launch site using trucks that could be spotted by satellites.

In response, Trump threatened the Asian country "with fire and fury". This comes as tensions appear to be rising between North Korea and the U.S.

"If anything happens, we all got to be ready, be prepared, and pray to God that it doesn't happen", Daisy Mendiola, 56, said after finishing lunch with her family at a restaurant near Hagatna.

Guam's Homeland Security Adviser George Charfauros urged calm and said defenses are in place for such threats.

North Korea wants to attack US military establishments in Guam, USA.

His comments came as the speaker of the Guam legislature said he hoped the island could defend itself.

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