Published: Wed, August 09, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

Nissan Leaf leaked onto Internet ahead of September reveal

Nissan Leaf leaked onto Internet ahead of September reveal

The Tesla Model 3 is the first mass-market electric auto from Tesla but it's not the only electric vehicle on the market that costs under $40,000.

A spec sheet chock-full of details about the 2018 Leaf recently leaked, giving us a closer look at what we might expect when Nissan unveils the next-gen EV on September 6.

Nissan aims to make the popularization of electric vehicles a three-brand race later this year with the 2018 version of the Leaf, the automaker's affordable, all-electric auto. We'll have to wait for actual confirmation on the car's range before we decide just how competitive the new Leaf will be. This could be a serious point of consideration for prospective buyers, especially since the first deliveries of the Model 3 are limited to the car's more expensive premium variants.

Specifications posted on automotive media and marketing site Autobytel last night have subsequently been removed, but they suggested that the new Leaf will have about 40bhp more than the outgoing vehicle.

The gains will also come thanks to new battery pack options for the Leaf that will enable Nissan to sell it with a variety of specs, as Tesla does with its models.

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This park assist system will come as part of the car's Propilot tech, which also includes a single-lane semi-autonomous feature.

While the 2018 Nissan Leaf might very well be a more affordable alternative to the Model 3, the upcoming Japanese EV does have a very good reason why the auto is priced at a lower bracket than Tesla's vehicle.

This means that the top of the range Leaf will nearly cost the same as the base level Model 3, and in the United Kingdom after the government grant is factored in, you can pick on up for under £19,000. The premium Model 3 would be equipped with a 75kWh battery unit, which would give the vehicle approximately 310 miles of range.

As it is the case with the current Leaf trims, a SV version of the 2018 model would be offered for $32,490 and a Leaf SL version for $36,200.

Nissan hopes to compete with Tesla and GM in the market, but the Leaf probably won't be able to keep up on the road.

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