Published: Thu, August 10, 2017
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

Amazon makes an investment in the Essential Phone

Amazon makes an investment in the Essential Phone

The scope has now increased more as Amazon has announced that it would be investing on Andy Rubin's Essential Products Incorporated. The first Essential smartphone was announced in late May and was promised to ship in June but still hasn't made it to market.

Both Amazon and Tencent, a Chinese mobile internet giant, have built smartphones which failed to generate popularity.

With everything accounted for, The Wall Street Journal reports that Essential has managed to raise $330 million as it prepares to bring its first phone to market.

De Masi also confirmed that Amazon and Best Buy will be selling the Essential Phone. And while the best possible news we could give is that the phone is coming out in the next week, that's not the news we have for you. Since this delay, the company has not provided a timeline on when to expect the phone to be available to consumers, but promises to do so next week.

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"Essential Products has a compelling vision and roadmap for connected devices that integrates voice technology in novel ways", Bernard said in the statement.

He wants to do away with dongles and connectors for his startup's devices and find new ways to get different ecosystems - like iOS, Android and Alexa - to all work with his company's operating system, Ambient OS, so all your electronics can work together.

Essential has generated a lot of hype around its forthcoming Android-based smartphone based on the pedigree of its founder and its unique design with maximizes the screen area of the device. Other investors included Playground, which is Rubin's own startup incubator, venture capital firm Redpoint, and tech investors Vy Capital and Altimeter Capital. It's not that people were surprised to see Rubin working on a high-end luxury Android device - it's that he created a brand-new company to make it, without backing from one of the smartphone business's big names.

Along with the phone, Essential is also developing a smart home hub.

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