Published: Fri, August 11, 2017
Medicine | By Earnest Bishop

100-year-old Antarctic fruitcake found in '(almost) edible' condition

100-year-old Antarctic fruitcake found in '(almost) edible' condition

Although the cake looked and smelled edible, it will remain a mystery as to what the century-old sweet tastes like as it is unethical for conservators to taste-test their finds, Meek told Newshub.

The trust carried out conservation treatment including rust removal and chemical stabilisation - but the cake itself was absolutely fine.

According to experts, the cupcake was part of the provisions of the Northern party of the expedition, "Terra Nova", the members of which lived at Cape Adair.

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The Antarctic Heritage Trust is proving just how eternal fruitcake can be with the unveiling of a 100-year-old specimen found in a building at Cape Adare, a peninsula in Antarctica. The expedition was led by the legendary British explorer, Robert Falcon Scott. The cake is stayed in "excellent condition". "There was a very, very slight rancid butter smell to it, but other than that the cake looked and smelled edible!"

The extreme cold climate may have helped in preservation of the fruitcake.

The cake was found on a shelf in the hut, SBS, an Australian media outlet, reported. The tin in which the cake, made by Huntley & Palmers in Britain, was left seems to be in a bad condition. Conservators are now planning to conserve the huts that were built in 1899 by Norwegian Carsten Borchgrevink and used by Captain Scott in 1911. The five-man team did eventually reach the South Pole on January 17, 1912. Scott's entire team perished on the return journey from the pole. Seeing as their expedition was one of the first to explore Antarctica during its winter, it's assumed they froze to death after starving.

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