Published: Fri, August 11, 2017
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

Government Report Finds Drastic Impact of Climate Change on US

Government Report Finds Drastic Impact of Climate Change on US

The so-called "draft report by scientists from 13 federal agencies, which has not yet been made public" has actually been available to the public online since December, 2016.

In leaking the report (obtained by The New York Times), scientists within the government ensured that their work would reach the public, serving as a check on the administration in case it did indeed try to trump science with politics.

Last year was the third consecutive year of record-breaking heat in 137 years of record-keeping, according to the new 299-page report, which was written by 450 scientists in more than 60 nations. "Scientists were free to express what they thought". "There are no alternative explanations, and no natural cycles are found in the observational record that can explain the observed changes in climate". The paper has an entire propaganda section devoted to articles about climate change; the headlines usually include something like, "Hottest Ever!" But one of the most troubling findings in the draft report is that air and ground temperatures in Alaska and the Arctic are rising twice as fast as the global average.

Politico wrote, "The report is the most comprehensive assessment of the effects of climate change released by the Trump administration, and it could make it easier to refute efforts from the president and his Cabinet members to publicly discount climate science as they have frequently done in the past".

"These comments reflect the utterances of someone who either doesn't have the faintest understanding of the science, or has total contempt for scientific truth", Michael Mann, climatologist, geophysicist and director of Penn State's Earth System Science Center, told Gizmodo.

It doesn't really take a scientist to figure this one out, but you should probably listen to what they have to say anyway. He was referring to a lack of political direction from the Trump administration.

Every two to seven years the weather phenomena returns as a result of interaction between the ocean and the atmosphere, forcing global temperatures to rise and result in extreme rain and wind.

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"'Anyone who's read the 2014 report of the IPCC knows that, while the - while modest, 0.85 degrees Celsius, warming of the earth" has occurred since 1880.

As it detailed the conclusions of the draft report, the New York Times highlighted an equally scary prospect: That without the intervention of the New York Times, it might not have seen the light of day.

"The White House will withhold comment on any draft report before its scheduled release date". "The reporter just didn't know and the editors didn't know and once it was brought to our attention, we sorted it out" and ran a correction.

NOAA attributed the record warmth to global warming, but also a strong El Niño in early 2016. Even though the increase is essentially negligible, the scientists warn that without major reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions, the temperature in the USA will rise almost nine degrees Fahrenheit by the end of this century.

The changes to California's climate since 1980 - higher temperatures, with more extreme swings between droughts and floods - are caused directly by human activity and will accelerate rapidly unless greenhouse gas emissions are cut sharply, according to a new federal climate report that is awaiting action by the Trump administration.

The report says a sharp reduction in carbon emissions could limit the global average increase in temperatures to 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the century.

The hottest year on record before the report was 2015.

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