Published: Fri, August 11, 2017
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O'Reilly test-drives online video show as comeback

O'Reilly test-drives online video show as comeback

For years, O'Reilly has recorded his "No Spin News" podcast in addition to his hosting gig at Fox News.

Former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly has launched his first "No Spin News" online show with a format that closely follows the brand of conservative politics and pugnacious punditry that made him one of the most popular voices on USA television.

O'Reilly has never appeared on CNN but has selected a friendly anchor to speak with for his first interview with the network.

Smerconish was on O'Reilly's online talk show Wednesday, and O'Reilly told Smerconish that he would appear on Smerconish's CNN program at an uncertain time. O'Reilly spoke with the Associated Press in May after "Killing England" was announced and it appears he will broaden his horizons to promote the book, since he doesn't have roughly four million people tuning into "The O'Reilly Factor" on a nightly basis any more. In the interview broadcast Wednesday, which was mostly amicable, O'Reilly needled Smerconish for CNN's coverage of the ongoing investigation into potential ties between Donald Trump's presidential campaign and Russian officials.

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Executives at smaller conservative outlets itching to challenge Fox's supremacy have made no secret about their interest in O'Reilly.

The webcast, posted on his website, was only made available to paid subscribers and will be released to non-paying viewers on Thursday, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

O'Reilly also still has his books.

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