Published: Sat, August 12, 2017
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

Here's where the clearest skies will be during the total solar eclipse

Here's where the clearest skies will be during the total solar eclipse

Kathy McNeilly, second from right, director of the Oak Ridge Public Library, and library employees presented a pair of solar eclipse glasses to City Manager Mark Watson, center, on Thursday, Aug. 10, 2017. This path the shadow takes is called the path of totality. The outermost layer of the sun, known as the corona, is hard to study because it's less bright than the rest of the sun - so we have trouble seeing it amid the rest of the sun's brightness. This is the point that the moon most obscures the sun. The sun's surface is so bright, it blocks out the solar corona. The center image shows totality; on either side of totality are the second contact (right) and third contact (left)-the "diamond rings" that mark the beginning and end of the totality.

A handful of eclipse viewing parties and events are planned in eastern North Carolina.

A pinhole projection is also a safe, but indirect way of looking at a solar eclipse.

We'll say this: The only thing you can see through a safe solar filter from a reputable vendor is the sun itself. Craven Community College in New Bern is holding an event at 2:15 featuring an educational talk with astronomy instructor Dr. Robert Williams.

A solar eclipse happens, on average, a couple times a year.

You will also need to use solar filter on cameras, binoculars and telescopes and don't use eclipse glasses to look through them. "So perhaps dark sunglasses maybe might be a good idea".

It's also safe to a view an eclipse through welding filters, but only if they are Shade 12 or higher. "To see two total eclipses this close together is a very rare treat". "So the sun is much more risky in that situation than it would be ordinarily".

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"If you see fuzziness or anything other than that, so everything looks out of focus, throw them away", he said.

These stores are selling official ISO approved glasses.

Each is family is allowed to get up to four pair of eclipse glasses for free at Shades of Charleston in Mount Pleasant or Sullivan's Island.

Safe eclipse glasses should be stamped with a label indicating they meet the worldwide "ISO 12312-2" standard - although Fienberg said counterfeiters have also started to print that on fake glasses.

To ensure safety, the American Astronomical Society is now recommending people buy their eclipse glasses from one of the vendors on its curated list. During an eclipse, astronomers get an exceptional chance to study the photosphere "just up to a hundred miles from the sun's surface", she said.

Glasses can be found at most popular retailers but as we said, glasses are in short supply. The organization advised buyers to check for a printed, ISO 12312-2 global safety standard on their glasses to make sure they were certified. Again, this is for those in the total eclipse area and will not be visible from Louisville.

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