Published: Sat, August 12, 2017
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

MP government shrugs off Blue Whale risk

MP government shrugs off Blue Whale risk

Last week, a 14-year-old boy allegedly ended his life by jumping off a building in Mumbai, reportedly becoming victim to the Blue Whale suicide challenge.

The incident took place in the Chameli Devi high school in district headquarters town of Indore. He climbed the third-floor railing of the balcony and tried to jump off of the school premises.

The report said that the child admitted that it was his 50th dare - the Blue Whale game lasts 50 days, with one dare for each day - and that he was "asked to kill himself for failing the last challenge".

During the Monsoon session of the Parliament, Rajya Sabha members had asked the government to act against games like Blue Whale Challenge.

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Meanwhile, on Wednesday, August 9, the Pune police has rescued another 14-year-old boy who was said to have left home after playing the game.

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"Police recommended to take the boy to a psychiatrist for counseling", Principal Sangeeta Poddar said.

The boy has been playing the game on his father's mobile phone for a long time, but the parents had no clue, said the police.

Mumbai on July 29 same game challenge encourage class IX student to jump off from the fifth floor of the is suburban Andheri building.

The game starts by asking participants via social media to draw a whale on a piece of paper, then carve it on their body, and then gives other tasks such as watching horror movies alone or waking up at unearthly hours.

Originating in Russian Federation, the Blue Whale game has claimed almost 130 lives worldwide, the majority of the victims being teenagers.

Originated in Russian Federation, the deadly Blue Whale game or Blue Whale Challenge gives players a series of 50 tasks which culminates in suicide by jumping off a terrace building. The boy was apparently on the 50th day of the challenge where the controllers of the game had provoked him to jump from the building.

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