Published: Sat, August 12, 2017
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Trump North Korea Threats 'The Art of the Bluff — CNN's Zakaria

Trump North Korea Threats 'The Art of the Bluff — CNN's Zakaria

For once, it was not a tweet, but a regular old off-the-cuff remark to the press from President Trump that started an global outcry. Gordon Humphrey has written a letter to the state's congressional delegation, calling President Donald Trump's "fire and fury" threat to North Korea "crazy" and questioning his fitness as president.

The trade investigation could strain relations between the USA and China as the two countries wrestle with the unpredictable situation over North Korea.

The Justice Minister has said the rhetoric used by President Trump around North Korea has been "unhelpful and scary". "He has genuine concern about the direction of events in North Korea".

"China calls on all parties to avoid any words or actions that might escalate the situation and make even greater efforts to resolve the issue via talks".

And, accompanied with Trump's low poll numbers, ongoing chaos in the White House and Trump's increasingly erratic behavior, it nearly seems that he has a growing interest in looking to carry out pre-emptive strikes against North Korea. You have the president of the United States essentially threatening a preemptive or a preventive nuclear war in Asia, not in response to a North Korean strike, but in response to North Korea's rhetoric, the fact that they're disrespecting the United States. "I'm just kidding. He said this". Mr Yun is the only United States diplomat in contact with any North Korean counterpart. So if anything, maybe that statement wasn't tough enough. "He seems to accept the intelligence on Korea, or on Syria, on China, on other areas, on terrorism, but when it comes to Russian Federation, not so much".

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore says Donald Trump deserves to be given credit for his handling of the North Korea crisis, pointing to the unanimous U.N. Security Council vote to impose new sanctions on Pyongyang earlier this week as an "achievement for his diplomacy".

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MARTIN: Yeah. But I hear you suggesting that you're concerned that there could be a miscalculation made, that on the one hand, President Trump is using the lexicon, using the language that Kim Jong Un is using in that style.

In a statement Saturday, Macron said the situation "undermines the preservation of worldwide peace" and the North Korean regime "poses a serious threat to the security of its neighbors".

He continued, "I don't know what he's saying and I've long ago given up trying to interpret what he says".

While intelligence committee and "Gang of Eight" members report some engagement on North Korea, Democrats say the lack of updates from the White House on the tense situation in the Korean Peninsula is alarming.

The sanctions target about a third of North Korea's estimated $3 billion in annual exports. As far as the president's words go, it's important for the North Koreans to know that all options are on the table for us and to re-engage with the global community to change their ways in the best interest not just of Kim Jong Un, but also of his regime and his people.

ZELDIN: You know, they don't have a good track record.

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