Published: Sat, August 12, 2017
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Trump reassures governor of Guam in phone call

Trump reassures governor of Guam in phone call

Responding to the threats, Trump has threatened North Korea with "fire and fury" as well as tweeting that the USA was "locked and loaded".

Before speaking to Mr Calvo, Mr Trump told reporters in New Jersey that he believed Guam would be "very safe" and threatened North Korea with "big, big trouble" if it launched an attack.

These are among the guidelines Guam has released as, amid escalating tensions with North Korea, the small Pacific island contemplates the nightmare scenario of a nuclear strike.

Referring to an "imminent missile threat", it includes advice like: "Do not look at the flash or fireball - it can blind you".

The flier also offers guidance on removing radioactive material: "When possible, take a shower with lots of soap and water to help remove radioactive contamination".

He then reassured Mr Calvo, who he describes as a "hell of a guy", telling him the United States military is "rock solid".

"Guam is more than a military base. We reassure potential visitors that we continue to be a safe. place to visit".

US Defense Secretary issues stark warning to North Korea
She noted more than 200,000 Americans lived in the region and that 26 million people reside in Seoul, the South Korean capital. Trump added that the US would be putting more money into its $40 billion ballistic missile defense system.

"You just went to 110 I think", Mr Trump joked.

And island dwellers say they fear a powerful typhoon more than the wrath of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Donald Trump has suggested that tourism and trade will be boosted in Guam thanks to the current geopolitical crisis with North Korea.

A US F-16 flies along Guam's coastline.

President Trump's "locked and loaded" remark on Friday - part of his ongoing exchange with the North Korean regime - might have set the world more on edge.

Pyongyang has said it would take less than 18 minutes for a missile to cross the 3,400km distance to the USA territory. He also boasted about the US' nuclear arsenal on Wednesday before adding that "hopefully we will never have to use" nuclear weapons.

Meanwhile here on Guam, the threat level remains unchanged.

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