Published: Sun, August 13, 2017
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Brexit transition would not be way to remain — Hammond and Fox

Brexit transition would not be way to remain — Hammond and Fox

The UK will leave the Customs Union and Single Market they said, writing in the Sunday Telegraph, but there will be a "time-limited" transition period with the aim of helping business adjust and to avoid a "cliff-edge". That is why we believe a time-limited interim period will be important to further our national interest and give business greater certainty - but it can not be indefinite; it can not be a back door to staying in the EU.

Theresa May will hope the intervention of the two ministers will cool temperatures in the Tory ranks amid divisions over Brexit and speculation of a possible leadership challenge when MPs return to Westminster in September.

The British government is fighting back against criticisms that it is divided and unprepared for Brexit.

Free movement for Irish citizens in and out of Britain is expected to continue after Brexit, with the establishment of a Schengen-style area between Ireland and Britain created to resolve the border problem.

Among the first to be published will be three papers that lay ground for the next round of negotiations in Brussels at the end of August, including one that sets out the U.K.'s plan for the post-Brexit border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

"Could I ever see myself joining with like-minded people who want to save our country from such an appalling fate?"

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May walks behind flags of Europe as she arrives on the second day of a summit of European Union (EU) leaders and focusing on globalization and migration, after the first day was dominated by the future of the EU and the Brexit, on June 23, 2017 in Brussels.

Conservative MP Anna Soubry has joined a group of cross-party politicians to oppose government plans for a hard Brexit
Image A defection by Anna Soubry oubry's defection could weaken the Tories' majority in Parliament

Mr Miliband also described Brexit as an "unparalleled act of economic self-harm".

"The answer to the first question is "it is not impossible"; the answer to the second is "no".

The survey which will hand Theresa May a huge boost grilled respondents over a series of conditions imposed on Britain as a result of being in the bloc, rather than being asked simply whether they support European Union membership or not.

Professor Hobolt said: "Remain voters are willing to acknowledge that there are key negotiation outcomes - e.g. limits to freedom of movement - that they may not like, but that these outcomes still respect the referendum vote and are therefore legitimate".

Last month, European Union officials trying to negotiate with the United Kingdom over Britain's departure from the bloc complained that progress was hard because of Britain's unacceptable demands and a lack of any position on many issues.

"So the fightback against the worst consequences of the referendum has the opportunity and responsibility to get its bearings fast".

Fired Google engineer continues blitz against company
What is leadership doing to ensure Googlers like me feel *invited and accepted*, not just tolerated or safe from angry mobs?" Of them, more than half - 56% to be precise- said they didn't think it was right for the company to fire Damore .

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