Published: Sun, August 13, 2017
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Chris Hadfield weighs in on the Perseid meteor shower

Chris Hadfield weighs in on the Perseid meteor shower

However, "The Perseids will be a little more hard to see due to the presence of the moon, which will be three-quarters full and will rise shortly before the shower hits its peak", quoted Cooke. For more details about the Perseid Meteor Shower, has some great information right here. This comet orbits the sun in a much more oblong path than Earth's orbit. In dark skies away from city lights you may see up to 40-50 meteors per hour.

The peak time for Perseid watching will be Saturday night and before dawn on Sunday, but the meteors may already be making an appearance.

With only a few clouds in the forecast tonight, some of us could see a few meteors streaking across the Valley.

The greatest numbers of meteors will be between midnight and just before dawn on the mornings of August 11-13. The meteors look like they are coming from within the constellation Perseus.

Jebel Shams and Jebel Akhdar are the best places to watch the shower because of the low rate of light pollution and clear sky-view without any urban light pollution.

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"Be sure to be patient when looking for the meteors", Dr. James Hackley, an optometrist with Gemini Eye Care, said.

The Okangan Observatory, located about 30 minutes outside Kelowna, will also be hosting an event. Tonight between 9 pm and the early hours of tomorrow are when the best of the showers can be seen.

If you do miss the Perseids this year, the next big meteor show will be the Leonids in November.

The Perseid meteor shower lit up the night sky with shooting stars as the Earth hurtled through sparkling debris shed by the tail of the comet, Swift-Turtle.

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