Published: Sun, August 13, 2017
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PH: No reports of Chinese activities on West PH Sea

PH: No reports of Chinese activities on West PH Sea

China has been ambiguous about its precise territorial claims around such artificial islands.

According to Reuters, the maneuver by the USS John S. McCain was the third in a "freedom of navigation operation" or "fonop".

"China holds indisputable sovereignty over Nansha Islands and surrounding waters", the Chinese Defense Ministry said early Friday.

Sec. Abella added that discussions on reclamations, island building and militarization would best be tackled at succeeding ASEAN meetings and forums if the accusations bear out to have basis. Meanwhile, China remains undaunted in its quest to dominate adjacent waters as an extension of its maritime and territorial domain.

"Certain external forces are swimming against the current and continuing to stir up trouble under the pretext of "freedom of navigation, '" Mr. Geng said".

Interestingly, the PLAN Sanya naval base on Hainan Island - where a large chunk of China's submarine force, including nuclear submarines, are based - also falls under the SSF, which has 70,000 personnel in its ranks.

"They called and said 'Please turn around, you are in our waters, '" he said. For the USA, on the other hand, exaggerating the actual threat posed by North Korea is useful to legitimize its increased geostrategic presence in the Pacific, as well as to increase its military support for key allies in the region.

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With the concerted efforts of countries in the region, the situation in the South China Sea has stabilised, he said.

Defending the first Chinese overseas naval base against criticism that it would amplify China's growing influence, he said it will act as a logistics centre and support anti- piracy, United Nations peacekeeping operations and humanitarian relief missions in the region. As Cayetano made clear, China does not favor a legally-binding document, instead preferring a norms-based nonaggression pact that would set out a consensus agreement on acceptable forms of behavior in the South China Sea. "It's true in other places around the world, as well", she added.

Although China opposes inclusion of the sea disputes in global conferences, partly to prevent the U.S. and other Western governments from intervening, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and Japan's new top diplomat, Taro Kono, expressed concern over aggressive actions in the waters.

The South China Sea has always been a source of territorial disputes between several Asian countries.

The photos released showing land reclamation in the South China Sea only refer to areas contested by China and Vietnam, the Palace said. "They're not reclaiming land anymore, there are reclamations in the past and have not started reclaiming again, and there is a general statement [from the Chinese], so I accepted it", the Filipino diplomat said.

The island itself is claimed by China, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

"About 45 islands are occupied by relatively small numbers of military forces from China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam. Brunei claims an exclusive economic zone over this area", the CIA Factbook says.

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