Published: Fri, August 18, 2017
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Bonnie Tyler will sing 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' during total eclipse

Bonnie Tyler will sing 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' during total eclipse

Bonnie Tyler is set to perform her hit song Total Eclipse of the Heart during a solar eclipse next week.

The sun, the moon and a power ballad will align in flawless harmony during the Great American Eclipse thanks to a special performance by Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler.

Written and produced by Jim Steinman, known for his work with Meatloaf, Total Eclipse of the Heart was released in 1983, earned Grammy nominations and remains Tyler's most enduring hit. "The eclipse of the sun lasts 2 minutes and 40 seconds, I'm told", Tyler said.

The concert is part of a special week-long eclipse-themed cruise that will position itself along the eclipse's path of totality for the big event (and let's hope they're serving some seriously good cake to tie in to DNCE's big hit as well). The Joe Jonas-led band DNCE will join Tyler during the performance.

On Monday, August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse, during which the moon fully covers the sun, will be visible to all of North America. "A total solar eclipse hasn't crossed the entire US since 1918, and with many of our ships sailing to the Caribbean along the projected path, the stars aligned. Tyler also always works with her voice coach on vocal exercises to prep for a show".

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Bonnie Tyler has some thoughts on why the track has become such a classic, namely because it's "beautiful."It made me cry, because I loved it so much", Tyler told TIME of her first experience hearing it".

The US will witness the total eclipse of the sun on Monday after a long 99 years.

Tyler's song has to make most eclipse-related musical playlists for its title alone.

Funnily, this is not the first time the song has spiked in popularity in time for a solar eclipse. According to TIME, YouTube views for the video have already started to spike: as of Wednesday afternoon, it has 300 million views and counting.

Time reported that, following the last solar eclipse, in March, 2016, the streaming service Spotify clocked a seventy-five-per-cent increase in plays of "Total Eclipse of the Heart".

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