Published: Fri, August 18, 2017
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Dunford: No Room for Racism, Bigotry in US Military

Dunford: No Room for Racism, Bigotry in US Military

Guam, more than 3,000 kilometers southeast of North Korea, is a base for numerous high-profile USA military weapon systems, including strategic bombers, as well as the THAAD missile defense system. In response, North Korea threatened to fire missiles over Japan into the waters surrounding the US territory of Guam, which serves as a base for USA bombers in the region. USA officials say they've attempted to use it, but that the Chinese side has never answered their requests.

The North said the Guam missile strike could be reinstated in the event of "reckless actions" by Washington, and analysts say the exercise could become an alarming flash point. Moon wants to engage the North.

Dialogue is the only solution to the nuclear crisis in the Korean peninsula, and not military action, said Fan, according to a statement by the Chinese Defence Ministry. But both Cabinet members sought to rebut the claim.

South Korea's military said Friday that Seoul and Washington will stage joint military drills next week at a similar level to those past year, defying speculation that they may scale them down to not irk North Korea.

North Korea's military on Tuesday presented leader Kim Jong Un with plans to launch missiles into waters near the US territory of Guam and "wring the windpipes of the Yankees", even as both Koreas and the United States signalled their willingness to avert a deepening crisis, with each suggesting a path toward negotiations.

In fact, China-North Korea relations are at a historic low point since the young Kim came to power.

The head of japanese diplomacy has also said that Tokyo and Washington had agreed to "build pressure" on North Korea.

"That is the message the president has wanted to send to the leadership of North Korea", Tillerson said, "to remind the regime of what the consequences for them would be if they chose to carry out those threats".

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He also declared, amid fears in South Korea that threats from Trump to unleash "fire and fury" on Pyongyang could lead to real fighting, that there would be no second war on the Korean Peninsula.

China began enforcing new sanctions against North Korea on Tuesday as punishment for its latest missile tests.

North Korea's threats against Guam and its advancing missile capabilities, highlighted by a pair of intercontinental ballistic missile flight tests in July, have raised concern in South Korea, where some believe a fully functional ICBM in Pyongyang would undermine the alliance between Washington and Seoul.

Japan, which hosts some 50,000 American forces, voiced support for worldwide efforts to pressure North Korea.

That has heightened fears that this year's UFG exercise may spark a new crisis after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un left open a threat to fire missiles into waters near Guam, saying he would hold off for now while monitoring US behavior. Washington must work closely with South Korea and take careful account of its interests, especially if cooperating with China based on the "4 No's" becomes the core of USA strategy toward North Korea.

Bannon's comments in his interview with The American Prospect appeared to call bluff on Trump's tough talk to North Korea last week.

"We share a commitment to work through these hard issues", Dunford added, according to the news wire. Seoul is the capital of South Korea. He called for a tougher USA stance on trade with China, saying the two powers were in an "economic war".

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