Published: Tue, August 22, 2017
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Sonos speakers with built-in voice control coming soon

Sonos speakers with built-in voice control coming soon

"Please note that not all Sonos Products are voice enabled".

What Does the SDK Include?

This includes handling speech recognition and other functionalities of the virtual assistant such as weather reports, notifications, alarms, timers, and media streaming.

In addition to fostering development by putting the Echo Dots in dorm rooms, the Amazon Alexa program involves three undergraduate engineering courses beginning this semester. Senic designs and builds lovely smart home interfaces and systems that are shipped all over the world. Some of these developers included Senic, a maker of smart home devices that is based in Berlin, Germany and which has been working towards getting Alexa added to its smart home product COVI. The SDK is now available for developers and Alexa enthusiasts - and includes tutorials, documentation and a sample app to start. "We're really excited to start shipping COVI to our worldwide community of users".

Amazon's commercial drive for Alexa comes weeks after Microsoft said it is partnering with HVAC vendor Johnson Controls to build a Cortana-enabled connected thermostat for workplaces.

The SDK is now generally available to all developers and Alexa enthusiasts, with tutorials, documentation, and a sample app to get started.

What can you do with those eclipse glasses?
Another option you could consider is popping out the special lenses and recycling the frames. You can find information on where to donate your glasses on the group's Facebook page .

The Alexa Voice Service Device Software Development Kit (SDK) is already being used by more than 50 companies and is even posted on GitHub.

What Is the Alexa Voice Service?

"Incoming freshmen engineering students will be able to build their own Alexa skills and join the growing community of voice developers", the statement said. "Having the Alexa developer tools and API's available will only accelerate voice's adoption as a primary interface for emerging applications".

Those looking for a new smart home hub to control the house and listen to music might want to consider a new Amazon offer. Users can ask, for example, "Alexa, ask A.S.U. what sports events are happening this weekend?"

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