Published: Tue, August 22, 2017
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What can you do with those eclipse glasses?

What can you do with those eclipse glasses?

Well, luckily there are two places that are helping answer that question. They are setting up arrangements with corporate partners to collect the eclipse glasses.

The credit union is located at 1720 P Street in Lincoln.

You could do as many probably did, toss them.

Astronomers Without Borders, a California-based organization, wants to collect the glasses and donate them to schools in South America and Asia to protect kids' eyes when eclipses cross those continents in 2019.

The plan has not been released yet, but should be announced shortly.

Whatever you decide to do with your glasses, just don't throw them in the trash.

If you tuned in for the astronomical event of the decade on August 21 and generally wanted to keep your eyesight intact, chances are you had your handy-dandy solar eclipse glasses in tow (unless you're Donald Trump, that is).

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The next time you'll need those glasses you hunted so hard for won't be until 2024. Most versions of the eyewear are only certified safe for three years.

It's pretty simple: save the glasses and show them off somewhere.

Another option you could consider is popping out the special lenses and recycling the frames.

While on a global scale, eclipses like Monday's event are not rare; but a solar eclipse is not a sight we get to see in our own backyard too often.

Or, you can recycle least the cardboard.

"This is going to take a very large effort for processing these, making sure they're all good ones, not any of the fakes, making sure that they're not damaged". You can find information on where to donate your glasses on the group's Facebook page.

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