Published: Tue, August 29, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

Sonos smart speaker launch date revealed as 4 October

Sonos smart speaker launch date revealed as 4 October

ZatsNotFunny writer David Zats discovered this FCC filing where it looks like Sonos will be introducing a new line of speajers that will use far-field microphones for "integrated voice control". It seems to be the current OEM trend, with the success of Amazon Echo devices, Google Home, Apple HomePod, etc.

The filing also highlights the presence of a dedicated mic button and built-in Wi-Fi, and it suggests the upcoming speaker will support multiple voice platforms and streaming music services.

Sonos has lagged behind its rivals in bringing a voice-activated speaker to market, but support for different voice platforms could give the company the edge over its rivals, whose speakers only support the voice assistants of their manufacturers. For example, some are compatible with the Spotify app so you can control your music from your speakers.

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Looking to join in on the success of smart home products, Sonos is preparing a smart home device with voice recognition software. Today one such speaker has been seen making its way through the FCC.

Sonos has been rumoured to be introducing an Amazon Echo-style smart speaker to its line-up for a while, but now we know the date it is likely to be unveiled.

Odds are we'll hear all about the voice-powered Sonos system on October 4, when the company has a glitzy New York City event planned.

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