Published: Thu, August 31, 2017
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BRC warns of major post-Brexit fresh produce shortages

BRC warns of major post-Brexit fresh produce shortages

In a report highlighting the changes the United Kingdom will face on leaving the Customs Union, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) said the government must not "underestimate the complexity and scale of the challenge" the transition poses.

In addition, Britain's ports, roads and infrastructure needed significant investment to be ready for Brexit while agreements on security, transit, haulage, Value-Added Tax and other checks needed to be in place, the BRC argued.

BRC's chief executive Helen Dickinson added: "The reality is that with protection from hedging policies coming to an end, Non-Food retailers are running out of options for protecting shoppers from the significant increases in the price of imported goods since the European Union referendum in June past year".

The report, which warns of product shortages across the board, claims short shelf life food is most at risk of disruption because of the decision to quit the EU.

If the United Kingdom does not invest in the infrastructure to support this dramatic increase, there could be delays of up to three days at ports, the BRC said.

The government last week published a position paper on how it saw the import system working.

As a result of this, no-deal before Brexit could result in delays of up to two to three days at ports, the BRC says.

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The Institute for Fiscal Studies also last month warned that United Kingdom households could face "considerable and unpredictable" fluctuations in food prices after Brexit thanks to increased trade barriers and a weak pound.

The result, it warns, could be widespread availability problems impacting oranges imported from Spain, French wine and apples, cheddar cheese and beef from Ireland, tomatoes from Holland and mozzarella from Italy.

In contrast, the inflation rate of Ambient Food prices accelerated to 1.9 per cent in August from 1.6 per cent in July.

Wednesday's BRC report also stressed the importance of cross-border trade with the Republic of Ireland.

Almost half of businesses operating in Britain's food supply chain say European Union workers are thinking about leaving because of uncertainty around Brexit, according to a survey last week conducted by several trade bodies.

In a report setting out its goals for the future customs relationship, the BRC warned that a "no deal" scenario, with the United Kingdom leaving the European Union without an agreement on a future trading relationship, or a transitional period to implement the new system, could result in major delays in getting perishable products such as food across borders.

A total of 3 per cent of non-food imports into the United Kingdom come from Turkey.

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