Published: Thu, September 07, 2017
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Trump consults with UK, Australia leaders on North Korea

Trump consults with UK, Australia leaders on North Korea

'We always consider these evacuation contingencies, ' he said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin says supporting a Russian-Chinese road map would help resolve the nuclear crisis on the Korean Peninsula.

The White House Wednesday released details of calls Tuesday with British Prime Minister Theresa May and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

North Korea has dominated a 30-minute phone call between Malcolm Turnbull and Donald Trump.

Australia is a staunch U.S. military ally and hosts a U.S. Marine Corps presence in its north.

The 29-nation US -led alliance expressed full solidarity with Japan and South Korea, North Korea's neighbors.

She said at any one time 200,000 Australians were visiting or living in South Korea, Japan and China.

He accused North Korea's leaders of "needlessly and recklessly (putting) millions of people at risk including its own citizens already suffering drought, hunger and serious violations of their human rights".

But Russia's UN Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia said on Tuesday a United States bid for the Security Council to vote on September 11 on new sanctions is "a little premature".

Vassily Nebenzia said Russian Federation wants a reference to the need for political dialogue based on recent initiatives.

China has once again urged the US and South Korea to halt the deployment of a high-tech missile defense system in South Korea. He said it "offers a genuine way to defuse the tensions and a step-by-step settlement".

He also warned that a conflict between the USA and North Korea would be "catastrophic" and argued that economic sanctions remained the best option for reining in Pyongyang.

He said possible new economic sanctions would affect ordinary Koreans, not the nuclear or missile programs.

Han Tae Song, ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, has confirmed that North Korea successfully conducted its sixth and largest nuclear bomb test on Sunday.

Putin, speaking in China on Tuesday, had condemned the nuclear test as provocative, but said that Russian Federation views sanctions on North Korea as "useless and ineffective".

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Kim Jong Sik was elevated into the dictator's inner military circle after the successful launch of a Unha-3 rocket in December 2012, according to an expert on North Korea.

"President Trump reaffirmed his commitment to defending the homeland, territories, and allies of the United States, using all available diplomatic and military capabilities".

The move comes amid tensions over North Korea's latest nuclear test.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told reporters on Tuesday "all options are on the table" to deal with North Korea, including diplomatic and economic measures, but said that talks with Pyongyang were not the current focus for the White House.

Moon said Wednesday that the situation could get out of hand if North Korea's missile and nuclear tests aren't stopped.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has condemned North Korea's latest nuclear test as a "flagrant violation" of global conventions, but also said there can only be a "diplomatic and peaceful solution" of the crisis. "North Korea is not to China what Cuba was to the Soviet Union or what East Germany was to the Soviet Union".

The call on Tuesday comes amid boiling tensions between the US and North Korea, which has dramatically escalated its pace of weapons tests in recent months.

Both leaders "condemned North Korea's continued reckless and risky behavior" and reaffirmed the importance of close coordination at the United Nations.

Mr Turnbull's January phone call with Mr Trump also came at the end of a long day of calls with world leaders including Russian President Vladimir Putin. China does not control North Korea.

"Whipping up military hysteria makes absolutely no sense in this situation", Putin said.

NATO ambassadors said after talks in Brussels on Wednesday that "it is now imperative that all nations implement more thoroughly and transparently existing U.N. sanctions" against the North.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has condemned North Korea's latest nuclear test as provocation.

There are now also growing fears that the mountain where the North Korean bomb was detonated over the weekend could collapse, leading to an environmental catastrophe, a Chinese scientist has warned.

Putin said Tuesday at a news conference in China that Russian Federation saw the test as "provocative".

When asked whether he would take military action against NK, Trump said military action is "not our first choice", adding: "We will see what happens". China's foreign ministry said on Tuesday it would take part in Security Council discussions in "a responsible and constructive manner".

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