Published: Tue, September 12, 2017
Sport | By Gary Shelton

Texans reportedly starting Deshaun Watson in Week 2

Texans reportedly starting Deshaun Watson in Week 2

Houston pulled Tom Savage during Sunday's 27-9 loss to Ramsey's Jacksonville Jaguars, opting to put rookie Deshaun Watson in the game. "The game's not meant to be 2nd and 15".

Let's be honest, Tom Savage really isn't the problem with the Texans' offense. He provided an immediate spark and drove the Texans to a 75 yard touchdown on 14 plays with a 4 yard pass to DeAndre Hopkins. Despite leading a quick touchdown drive, Watson struggled nearly as much as Savage. Savage targeted him five times. However, that experience didn't show in the first half as he went just 7-13 for 62 yards and was sacked six times, with one of those turning into fumble that led to a Jaguars touchdown. Hopkins caught one of those passes.

Watson played well in preseason, but ultimately, the Texans chose Savage for his experience. While taking four more sacks vs. the Jaguars, he managed to use his legs to escape a collapsing pocket (two rushes for 16 yards), something Savage is incapable of doing. The problem is the fact that their offensive line is a train wreck. The speedy Jags defense had his number from the get go, and by half time, despite Bill O'Brien's "confidence" in their starting QB, he showed yet again that his tether with any starting QB is nearly non-existent.

Watson finished the game 12-of-23 for 102 yards, one touchdown and one interception. But after that, he looked more like a rookie QB, not throwing the ball accurately when needing to throw deep and having being forced to make throws that he didn't necessarily want because of the pressure the Jags' were putting on him.

Three reasons Ohio State lost to Oklahoma
Here is my top 10: Alabama, Oklahoma , Clemson , USC, Penn State, Oklahoma State, Michigan , Washington, Ohio State , Wisconsin. I've been around long enough to remember when OSU quarterback Joe Germaine would throw for 300 yards just falling out of bed.

The Texans will have a short week to try to shore up their offense. "Even though the circumstances where what they were I think he came in and went with the flow".

This isn't necessarily what I envisioned in Watson's debut as I thought were going to know well in advance but he should be the starter moving forward.

O'Brien won't have much time to decide on a starter for Week 2, with a quick turnaround before the trip to Cincinnati.

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