Published: Wed, September 13, 2017
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

Apple Has Removed The Built-In App Store In iTunes 12.7

Apple Has Removed The Built-In App Store In iTunes 12.7

Once users install version 12.7 they will no longer have access to the App Store from the desktop.

Before making the leap to iOS 11 I strongly suggest you check out my article on how to get your iPhone or iPad ready for iOS 11.

Changes to the app include the moving of iTunes U content to the Podcasts section, and Internet Radio to your music library sidebar. The new update doesn't solve all of the design problems with iTunes, which is still used for videos, audiobooks and podcasts, but it puts some of the focus back on its original goal: listening to music.

Although this beta version of iOS 11 should be almost flawless with most of the bugs detected and ironed out, there's still a chance that Apple will add or eliminate certain things and you'll need to download an update on the release day. It is debatable whether it is a right step by the company to remove the App Store from the iTunes app as more options are usually preferred by us as users.

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The new iOS system will bring more camera filters to your camera app. It will also introduce enhancements to Apple's virtual assistant software Siri, enabling support for more third party apps so users can use them via voice commands.

With the iOS 11, users will be better able to multitask, there will be improvements to the camera and new safety features. That's it. Now you have the latest version of Apple's mobile OS and the all new features that come with it.

That's because yesterday Apple made the golden master build of iOS 11 available to developers and public beta testers ahead of its official launch on September 19. The advantage over Venmo: no app to install, and Apple already has your banking information on file.

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