Published: Wed, September 13, 2017
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Pakistani PM Offers Joint Patrols With Afghanistan

Pakistani PM Offers Joint Patrols With Afghanistan

Speaking to reporters today, Pakistani Prime Minister Khaqan Abbasi said his country remains interested in joint operations with the United States to resolve disputes over the Afghan War.

People of Pakistan too have become tired of an unending tendency on part of the United States to twist Pakistan arms or make it scapegoat whenever it faces prospects of any failure in the region.

He said the next pillar of the new strategy is to change the approach and how to deal with Pakistan, emphasizing that we can no longer be silent about Pakistan's safe havens for terrorist organizations, the Taliban, and other groups that pose a threat to the region and beyond, emphasizing that Pakistan has much to gain from partnering with our effort in Afghanistan.

"The issue of terrorism, of course, was a matter of concern for Pakistan as well and it had done the most in addressing it", he said and added, "We had defeated it".

Claiming that Pakistan has suffered massively from the instability in Afghanistan, PM Abbasi said the country is open to join patrols along the border as he insisted that the fencing work will continue and Islamabad would welcome a similar move by Kabul.

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He said that Pakistan was open to bilateral verifications and joint patrols to screen the visitors who cross the border every day. Taliban is a reality in Afghanistan and would not disappear with a military onslaught as we have witnessed during the last over one decade that the combined might of 47 nations and barbaric use of all kinds of weapons could not root them out.

He said the US-Pakistan ties were more than 70-year-old and should not be defined through Afghanistan.

"If you go to Miramshah, you'll see what we've done there, the casualties that the army has taken, the sanctuaries they've destroyed", Abbasi said. "We intend to work and cooperate with the USA against terrorism and address any concern", the prime minister said. He added that Pakistan was a huge market and the USA companies had multi-billion dollar investment opportunities here.

Pakistan has responded to the threats of cutting off financial aid by saying it does not want USA aid, but rather acknowledgement of its efforts against extremism during the past few years.

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