Published: Wed, September 13, 2017
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Two-thirds approve of Trump's outreach to Democrats

Two-thirds approve of Trump's outreach to Democrats

Breaded veal, pie and tax reform were on the menu at the White House on Tuesday evening as a bipartisan group of senators, top economic advisers and President Donald Trump met in what was termed a "constructive" meeting. If he had been better prepared for his presidency and been able to set his own congressional priorities, he might have put tax reform or infrastructure reconstruction before Obamacare.

The president was apparently in a very good mood, with Toomey saying Trump took he and Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., on a tour of the White House and Lincoln bedroom following the dinner. He did not offer a specific rate this time, and said that he understood the GOP-controlled Congress could accept a reduction to three tax rates.

He was insistent that the tax code should be simplified for all Americans but agreed with the president that tax reform would help boost the economy. "Moving forward, additional votes for hurricane relief will certainly be forthcoming-and if that legislation is used exclusively to support the people who are suffering and not a leverage for some other measure, then I will gladly support it".

Ryan said the outline being worked on now would reflect the consensus of the House Ways and Means Committee, Finance Committee and the Trump administration. "You see that with what's happening in Congress", Trump said, referring to the fact that Democrats hold enough seats to block any Republican proposal through filibustering. "Nobody can get anything through Congress".

Heitkamp traveled with Trump aboard Air Force One last week when he spoke broadly about the tax plan in her home state of North Dakota.

Trump urged Democrats to support the legislation.

"As North Dakota's former Tax Commissioner, I know the devil is in the details of any reform plan as tax codes are complex", Heitkamp said.

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The $15.3 billion aid package to victims of Hurricane Harvey would probably have passed with little trouble because most members recognized the urgency after record flooding in Houston.

She added that Mr. Trump "wants to continue building unity by working on more issues supported by both parties". What they did elect us here, send us here to accomplish?

As for budget progress, the largest sticking point to many taxpayers, a possible increase in the sales tax has been eliminated. "We're not going to let it happen".

Getting rid of the tax is a "key plank of the Republican tax plan [that] will only benefit the wealthiest Americans while leaving middle class families out to dry", the Senate Democratic Policy Committee said in a statement.

It would balloon if tax rates were cut too deeply without providing offsetting federal spending reductions and closure of tax loopholes, both politically hard tasks.

But while the White House has talked about working with Democrats on tax reform and infrastructure, there still is no legislation to be voted on by lawmakers in the House and Senate.

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