Published: Sun, September 17, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

Google Automatically Removes Your Android Backup If Inactive For 60 Days

Google Automatically Removes Your Android Backup If Inactive For 60 Days

Once the clocks reaches zero, that backup is gone, and affected users say they aren't given any warning ahead of time that the deletion is about to happen.

After contacting Drive support, Tanglebrook's fears were confirmed: The backup was gone.

After inquiring about this issue, he learned that Google starts tracking the unused data after the phone is left idle for two weeks.

And even if you've been paying for Google Drive storage, you will not be able to retrieve any of the information you stored for that particular device or account.

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The Android device backup service isn't as comprehensive, but backup data from compatible apps and things like Wi-Fi passwords are important.

If you delete a backup, you can not get it back. Next time you are temporarily switching devices and platforms, do keep in mind to use the account with an Android device again before its expiration data to avoid losing apps and backup data.

Google does not mention an explicit expiration date for backups which suggests that it is dynamic in nature and not fixed. You have to manually save your SMSs if you want to keep them, many apps still don't use Android backup and their settings wipe every time.but the apps that do back up are restored painlessly, which is always a relief during the process. For instance: "Expires in 54 days". If a user imports data from an old Android phone to a new one, that data's status is considered active. So, if a device is unused for two weeks, Google Drive will show an expiration date below the backup (see below the image), showing a countdown or the number of days you have to save your data. When users import data from an old Android phone to a new Android phone, the new device is treated as the active device by the servers and the account is active.

Google Drive can also be used to backup and restore your messages and attachments to WhatsApp but doesn't allow users to look at the backed up files.

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